After gap of two years Urs of Baba Nizam-ud-Din observed at Baba Nagri Kangan

Kangan, June 8: After a gap of two years, devotees thronged Baba Nagri to attend the 125th Urs of Hazrat Baba Nizam-ud-Din Kiyanvi (RA).

The two day Urs was celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety and concluded with special and joint prayers at Baba Nagri in Wangat Kangan today.

Devotees from different corners of Jammu and Kashmir reached Baba Nagri, besides paying obeisance on the Dargah of Hazrat Baba Nizam-ud-Din Kiyani (RA) attended the congregation.

On the concluding day, a joint prayer was held in which devotees prayed for peace, prosperity, unity, brotherhood and communal harmony.

Besides religious personalities, Sajdah Nasheen Mian Altaf Ahmad and scores of Islamic scholars participated in the congregation.

Speaking on the occasion, Mian Altaf Ahmed highlighted the life and contribution of Hazrat Baba Nizam-ud-Din (RA) and late Mian Bashir Ahmad.

He emphasized upon participants to work for the welfare of humanity and follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Calling for maintaining brotherhood and amity, Mian Altaf Ahmad advised devotees to be regular in their daily prayers (Nimaz).

Various religious scholars also spoke and threw light on teachings and religious work rendered by this pious religious personality during his life for the welfare of mankind.

Earlier, Quran Khawani, Darood Azqar and Khatmat-ul-Mozamaat were also held during night long prayers.kns

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