Identify fake media groups in Budgam: DM to Police

Budgam, Jun 03: District Magistrate (DM) Budgam Friday asked the police to identify fake media groups operating without proper registration.

He has also asked the police to “verify the antecedents, and source of funding of all so-called journalists, who operate the illegal portals without any valid degree, qualification and authorization from the competent authority.”

As per an order, “It has been observed that there is unchecked growth of illegal/un-authorized/un registered Portal Based News Channels operating through various social media platforms in the District.”

It further said that, “Some of them are also indulging in misinformation campaign and fake News against government/administration. Some government functionaries also face harassment in face of their activities. Such portals and persons involved need to be checked properly in order to avoid emergence of any Law and Order situation and ensure public tranquillity.”

“You are requested to kindly identify all such fake media groups operating in the District without any proper registration, and also verify the antecedents and source of funding of all so-called journalists who operate these illegal portals without any authorization and furnish the same to this office, so that action as warranted under the relevant provisions of Law is taken against them,” the order added.

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