Resolve issues of transporters amicably: KTA to Govt

Srinagar, Mar 29: The Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA), while advocating for resolving the issue with the transporters, amicably said that animosity between the both sides is not the solution to any problem. 
Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) President Ajaz Shahdhar  expressed concern over the wheel jam strike by transporters across the tunnel on March 30 and said that the government should start a dialogue with the transporters and  solve this problem. He said that the govt and transporters should also make it clear that people do not have to face problems and difficulties. Shahdhar said that people are busy shopping for the holy month of Ramadan and they could face problems because of the strike.
KTA President  said that the losses incurred by the transport sector during the last three years  should also be taken into consideration and a way should be created so that this sector does not have to suffer any loss.
KTA president said any complex issue can be resolved through negotiations.

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