Post article 370 abrogation, 250 unjust state laws removed, 890 central laws implemented, 137 laws modified: Union Finance Minister

Srinagar, Mar 23: After the abrogation of article 370, the central government has managed to create a “safe environment for investment” in J&K besides that the militancy related activities are on decline in the UT, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Wednesday.

She stated this while replying to a discussion on Budget said that with the abrogation of article 370, everyone who didn’t have rights earlier can get government job now and purchase land and other properties as well.

She said that 250 unjust and discriminatory state laws have been removed and 890 central laws were implemented besides that 137 laws were modified.

She said that Industrial promotion scheme of J&K by Union Government has opened new doors of development in UT and currently, a delegation of Gulf countries is looking at possibilities of increasing their investment in UT.

She further added that the infiltration incident are on decline as there has been 33 percent decrease in infiltration, 90 percent decrease in ceasefire violations, 80 percent decrease in abductions by militants, 61 percent decrease in militancy related incidents besides 33 percent decline in killing of security forces and there was not a single successful weapon snatching incident in J&K.

The FM said that 180 militants were killed in year 2021 which includes 148 locals and 32 foreigners and among them 44 were top commanders.

“About 38 militants 28 of them locals and ten of them foreigners have been killed this year only up till now in a total of 24 anti-militant operations,” she said.

She also said that 100 percent eligible population of J&K has been already given Covid vaccination doses.

“Importantly, all of us have over the decades spoken about the 73 ^ (rd) and 74 ^ (th) Amendments to the Constitution and as a result of which most of us see how the third layer of our democracy is getting represented by people from all backgrounds at the Panchayat level. However, this level of democracy going down to the roots of the system and to the level of the villages was not available in J&K . So, it is only after removal of Article 370 and particularly now, this implementation of the 73 ^ (rd) and 74 ^ (tb) Amendment Acts has been made effective and that has created an environment through which you find that the three-tier democracy revolution is actually now happening. And, for the first time, there are over 30,000 grass-root level elected members in J\&K which is made possible now after the removal of Article 370. Also, in the name of devolution which should actually happen in most of the States, 27 functions have been transferred to the PRIs and 7 departments have been transferred to the Urban Local Bodies,” she said.

“The new Industrial Policy, actually, of Rs.28,400 crore, will generate 4.50 lakh employment. 4,226 investment proposals are worth a total of Rs.47,441 crore; it is also planned to have 1,96,945 youth getting jobs. So, these investments are very clearly worked out in such a way that employment for this many number of youth would happen. Sir, 20,323 posts are referred to recruitment agency, already. So, for 20,323 posts, the recruitment process is ongoing. It has already been referred to the agency. Sir, 1,37,870 youth have been provided assistance under various self-employment schemes and programmes. So, they are not only doing on their own, but are also probably employing one or two more in their different self-employment ventures,” she added.

“Pashmina shawls, carpet weaving from J&K given Gl recognition besides that deweeding, dredging of Srinagar’s famous Dal Lake to be taken up in FY23.” she said. kno

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