NC wedded to democratic pluralism, welfarism: Dr Farooq

Jammu, Feb 15: National Conference (NC) president and Member of Parliament from Srinagar Tuesday stated that the vision of the National Conference is wedded to democratic pluralism and welfarism.

Party President, who reached Jammu, earlier today, took review of the ongoing party activities in the region. He asked the party’s provincial and Zonal level functionaries to intensify their public outreach.

In a statement, he said the single minded motif of communal forces at work, is to drive wedges among people to push a homogenising cultural and political agenda.

“These forces are striking at the very heart of India by changing it from a plural democracy to an entity, where diversity is discounted & the state’s interests are seen as hurdles,” he said.

National Conference is the voice of commoners, representing aspirations of all regions and all sections of the society in Jammu and Kashmir, he added saying, “National Conference would continue to be the fortress of secular and democratic forces and work for the equitable and comprehensive welfare of all sections of the society.”

Dr Farooq said that people of Jammu have always nurtured and upheld high principles of communal amity and democracy. “National Conference is going to give them voice and bring them on forefront to be involved in building a classless society where everyone will receive justice equally,” he said adding that brotherhood, communal amity and mutual love has always been a mainstay of Jammu’s cultural life and that the doors of NC are always open for such forces, who want to strengthen this cherished heirloom of Jammu, Pir Panjal, Chenab.

National Conference has stood for public good and welfare of all the three regions of the State. “This is the reason National Conference is equally popular in all the three regions of the State”, he said adding that the equal development for holistic progress and prosperity of all regions and sub-regions is high on the party agenda.

Asking the secular forces of Jammu to put up a strong and joint front against the communal forces that are hell-bent to tarnish the secular countenance of the region, Dr Farooq said Jammu and Kashmir has had enough of it and that the need of the hour demands a progressive, secular and popular government that can cherish and advance the secular values in the region.

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