BJP encouraging ideology of Godse instead of Mahatma Gandhi: G A Mir

Srinagar, Jan 30 : The Jammu and Kashmir Congress Pradesh committee president G A Mir on Sunday said that BJP is following the ideology of the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi.  

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of tribute ceremony of Mahatma Gandhi on his death anniversary today, Mir said that The BJP government is encouraging the Godse ideology instead of following Mahatma Gandhi’s footsteps. Congress party wants to tell nation that our country always has been moving forward on the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi and will continue as Gandhian Rashtri in future also.

He said that Today is the day when the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi was murdered. The forces behind his killing are now trying to split the country . it is unfortunate that the vision and concept of Mahatma Gandhi has been outstripped and the thinking and ideology of Nathu ram Godse is dominating in our country.

30th January is the martyrdom day of biggest martyr of India who devoted his whole life towards the freedom of the country. It is really unfortunate that the centre government along with the government of Jammu and Kashmir has dedicated 30th January towards all the martyrs of the country except the legend Mahatma Gandhi, Mir said.

Mir added that We are not against others sacrifices, their sacrifices should also be remembered but 30th January should only be remembered for the legend Mahatma Gandhi. kns

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