Annulment of Article 370: SC won’t subscribe to the decision of parliament if it keeps politics aside: PDP’sMehboob Beigh

Srinagar, July 17: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Dr Mehboob Beigh Saturday said that: “If Supreme Court will keep politics aside and decide on Article 370 on technical grounds, it won’t subscribe to the decision of the Parliament.”

He said Supreme Court is the final authority and if it gives verdict on technical grounds keeping politics aside on the petitions pertaining to scrapping of special status of Jammu and Kashmir, it won’t accept the decision of the Indian Parliament.

“I am surprised the way Muzaffar Beigh came up with the statements regarding scrapping of Article 370 by the Parliament. Technically, it is impossible to read down special status of Jammu and Kashmir,” Dr Mehboob Beigh as per news agency Kashmir News Trust said.

He was talking to reporters at PDP headquarters in Srinagar today.

Beigh said BJP does that suits it never caring for law or anything. “When we talk about Article 370, this party (BJP) claims the matter is subjudice but when it speaks up defending the decision of the Parliament about annulment of Article 370, it forgets the subjudice nature of the matter,” he said.

Dr Mehboob Beigh said that democracy can’t exist without the participation of the people. “Let BJP led Central Government allow people to elect their representatives in a fair manner. People have no access to corridors of power. They are choked,” he said.

Senior PDP leader and former member parliament said that BJP eroded the democratic set up in Jammu and Kashmir. He said decision after decision is taken without taking people into confidence. “We believe whatever happened or is happening in Jammu and Kashmir is unconstitutional,” Beigh said. knt

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