No Hugs, No Handshakes: Sombre Eid in Kashmir

Srinagar, May 13: Amid raging n-COV scenario, special Eid prayers in Kashmir concluded on a somber note as only limited people made it to the selected venues. The poignancy was much evident even after as people shied from exchanging hugs and handshakes and instead preferred maintaining distance – as part of Covid protocol – from each other on the auspicious occasion. 

Reports from various districts suggested that the respective ‘Masjid Intizamiyas’ (mosque managements) had diversely scheduled the prayers – with some offering it at as early as 6:15 AM and some at 9:45 AM.

Faith-followers donning masks were seen carrying prayer-mats alongside to the selected venues to participate in the prayers. The clerics leading the prayers concluded briefly with the faith-followers seen hastening back home, giving a go by to practice of exchanging hugs and handshakes with each other – otherwise hallmark of the occasion.

The people on the pious occasion were seen seeking forgiveness for their sins amid scourge of COVID-19 pandemic. Special prayers were in the meantime made at various places for the security and safety of Al-Aqsa – ‘Qibla Awal’ – and the people of Palestine.

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