Alam expresses concern over the creation of task force to terminate employees

Srinagar April 23: Former Legislator and leader of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference (JKPC) Mohammad Khurshid Alam has expressed serious concern over the recent government order about the creation of task force to terminate the government employees without any inquiry, terming such an order traumatising and humiliating for government employees in Jammu and Kashmir at large. 

As per the statement, ,Alam said that government employment is a basic source of livelihood for the majority of the people in the state and the issuance of such Farmaans will only snatch away such basic facilities from the conflict-torn masses.

Alam added that there are already rules and regulations in place in the Civil Service Rules of Jammu and Kashmir through which the erring officials could be brought to the book and in the past also, there have been numerous instances when action against the employees violating the CSR has been taken.

However, said Alam, the decision to create a task force and terminate a government employee without an inquiry look frighteningly draconian and shocking.

He adds that even the people who commit heinous crimes are given an opportunity to defend themselves and present their case. “But here, the scenario looks entirely different.

“The complainant, investigator as well as executioner is the government. The accused has no say, no representation and no podium to defend himself or her own self. Such orders only belittle the institutions of justice and fair play. Such actions would also create new fault lines between the government and the people and will turn the situation worrisome with each passing day,” PC leader said in his statement.

Alam has demanded the immediate rollback of such an order, underlining that there was no need to create a new set of rules when the existing ones are already well-drafted, deliberated and demarcated.

He appealed to the Lt Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to revoke the order so that the confidence of the employees could be regained afresh and new bonds of trust and harmony could be achieved for Jammu and Kashmir’s overfall prosperity and development.


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