Do away with ‘Double Tax’ on re-registration of non local vehciles: PDP

Srinagar, April 1: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday urged the administration to withdraw the directive issued regarding repayment of token tax and time limit for re-registration of non J&K vehicles.

In a statement issue here party General Secretary rued the apathy shown by administration towards the common population badly affected by economic slump due to double whammy of pandemic and August 5 lock down.

“It was the 9 percent token tax levied on new cars that forced people to look for non local cars as an option given their economic conditions. Since those cars have already paid the said amount in their respective states what sense does it make to burden the common man again.”

Emphasizing that administration has lost touch with the ground realities, the general secretary said that government is leaving no stone un-turned to squeeze the last penny from the common man.

“ On the one hand GST, demonetization and subsequent lock downs have sucked the money circulation out of market and on the other hand rather than providing relief measures government has resorted to policies which has led to levying new taxes, prices of essential commodities skyrocketing, destroying every sector employing thousands of people just to fill its empty coffers,” the GS added.

“Every sector of ours is under constant attack. Even our natural resources are looted brazenly. Recent result list of J&K bank is a sign of how deep rooted discriminatory policies are within the system. A full frontal attack on Kashmir and its economy is underway.” The GS lamented.

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