Post August 5, 2019 era, J&K on path of terminal alienation: NC

Srinagar, Mar 15: National Conference (NC) on Monday stated that the oft-cited surge in development activities in Jammu and Kashmir was a facade and that in reality post August 5, 2019 era is marked with total erasure of every spec of accountability and development of all hues.

The ruling BJP has so far been able to achieve total erasure of administrative accountability, widening development deficit and wide spread unaccountability, said party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while criticizing the overstated rant of the ruling dispensation on surge of development activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that in the name of development, the administration was only doing window dressing and fanfare.

There is no headway on any mega or minor infra-project in Jammu and Kashmir, on the contrary work on all major as well as minor infra projects has been put into a limbo by the incumbent regime, he added.

He stated if anything has been achieved so far it was the terminal alienation of the people on every front.

“Projecting the unilateral; rescinding of JK’s special status as a move that would bring development and peace to Kashmir, GOI has instead disturbed almost every aspect of development and progress in J&K. The incidences of violence increased, economy has slowed down, development and administrative accountability has become a casualty of the inexpediency of August, 5, 2019. The poor performance of J&K on various development and administrative indices is also corroborated by the figures of various government agencies itself. The claims of the GOI are renounced by the figures of its own agencies credited with gathering data on development across the country,” he said.

Imran said that every section of society across Jammu and Kashmir was unhappy, feeling victimized, and targeted in wake of the widespread unemployment, farmer distress, and over centralization of the entire bureaucracy.

He added that the airdropped and unrelated officials in J&K were busy changing stripes amongst themselves leaving people to fend for themselves. Cynicism about the bureaucracy is widespread, the general public views officials as unrelated, uncaring, and unresponsive to their request he said saying that the situation was the same at every level of administration ranging from block to division level.

“The absence of local faces in administration has only reinforced the belief that the august 5 decisions were aimed at robbing Kashmiris economically and politically. The unrelated bureaucracy has failed on every front to comfort with the local people and understand their problems. Government should come up with a whitepaper on what it has been able to achieve vis-à-vis development in J&K, if there are any at first place” he said.

Remarking on the state of democracy, Imran said “DDC elections were carried out on the pretext of giving the elected DDC members a stake in development in their segments on the contrary the elected DDC members have been sidelined and demeaned. The newly approved salary Slab and the protocol order for DDC by the government speak volumes about the sincerity of ruling BJP in strengthening democracy in J&K.”


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