Kashmiris continue to democratically struggle for restoration of article 370: Soz

Srinagar, February 16:  Senior Congress leader Saif Din soz said that Home Minister’s gesture of restoring the statehood for Jammu and Kashmir at some point of time in future, does not answer the requirement of the people of Kashmir.

Many so-called mainstream Leaders in Kashmir also brag that they would fight for restoration of Statehood, he said.

In a statement, Soz said that these  efforts are essentially meant to dissuade the people of Kashmir from the right path of their impulse i.e. essentially their struggle for restoration of their SPECIAL STATUS that was enshrined in Article 370 of the Constitution of India, now abrogated, unilaterally, by the Central Govt!

“In my opinion, it is the struggle that matters and the people of Kashmir have already initiated a democratic process of their struggle”, he added.

He said that eminent Jurist Nani Palkiwala had rightly cautioned the Nation at a time, by saying that, “you cannot remove Article 370, because that was a condition Kashmir became a part of India.

If Article 370 is removed, I don’t see why Kashmir should continue to be a part of India. This is what I have been saying for years and year”

Nani Palkiwala never imagined this Article could be abrogated, Soz said.

He hoped that Nani Palkiwala’s concept about Article 370 will be analyzed in connection with the case being contested before the Supreme Court of India.

Today, I, merely, emphasize what India’s most eminent Jurist – Nani Palkiwala had said at one point of time, he said.

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