BJP all set to celebrate accession day on Oct 27: Ravinder Raina

Jammu, Oct 22: BJP J&K President Ravinder Raina on Thursday said that party will celebrate the ‘Accession Day’ of Jammu & Kashmir with the union of India on October 27.

Raina, who was addressing party meeting in Jammu said Oct 27 holds a great significance before hardcore patriotics. He said the party will celebrate the day with full zeal which would possible with the abrogation of Article 370.

“This is the day they have longed for and the land of brave have got what it deserved for decades together”, Raina has said.

He said that the entire Jammu and Kashmir is set to celebrate the occasion like 15th August and every BJP leader and activist will make his or her more than maximum efforts for the same.

BJP leader said that most likely senior union minister will also address the occasion which is so “special” for the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh as this marks the day when with the pious efforts of all the hardcore patriots the whole territory incorporated into the union of India.

“BJP will organise a grand rally, which will be of both physical as well as virtual in nature and the programmes will be held in every district and mandal level”, Raina continued.

Former Deputy Cheif Minister Dr Nirmal Singh while addressing the meeting said that there were numerous attempts made by individual forces to alienate the gullible masses and overshadow the importance of the day with their malicious campaigns and they are even doing this to this day but their evil efforts will never go succeed.

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