‘Brute force used on mourners of Muharram procession in Budgam unacceptable’: Agha Rhullah

Budgam, Aug 27: Castigating Budgam police and civil administration for using what he called ‘brute force on mourners during Muharram procession, senior National Conference (NC) leader and former Minister Aga Syed Rahulllah Mehdi Thursday said the behavior of police is unacceptable and no Muslim can tolerate that anyone should interfere in his religious affairs.

“If Police won’t shun its arrogance and don’t respect the sentiments of people, then there are other ways to deal with them,” Rahullah said.

He said that behavior and attitude of police was “oppressive”.

“Bullet and use of brute force is not an answer to the sentiments of Muslims. Yesterday’s use of force on mourners made it clear that this police is not meant for people. It happens only where there is imperialism and dictatorship,” Rahullah said.

In response to a question, Aga Syed Rahullah said that SOP’s need to be followed but for that purpose administration must take people into confidence.

“An organization that asked people not to carry out Muharram processions didn’t consult mourners. I don’t want to go into that. I am hurt over the unruly behavior exhibited by police and administration,” he said.

“Anything is possible with cooperation but you can’t force people into submission using force. Prayers in Jamia Masjid Srinagar were made possible because of the people-administration cooperation, but here in Budgam, mourners were not taken into confidence, instead they were ruthlessly suppressed,” he said.

Earlier, Rahullah while mentioning Jammu Kashmir Police tweeted that: “today’s behaviour in Budgam is completely unacceptable did not go unnoticed. I may have my own opinions about processions and SOPs related to it. But this rogue behaviour in shape on (of) flexing mussels and firing on mourners is un expectable (unacceptable). Check your officer incharge’s behaviour before it is too late,” Rahullah conveyed to police. (KNT)

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