Killing of three missing labourers in fake encounter reprehensible & unacceptable: PDP

Srinagar August 10: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday termed the reports of three missing labourers killed in a staged encounter at Shopian as shocking and extremely excruciating episode and has said that such repressive measures have pushed Jammu and Kashmir in a precipice of a disaster.

PDP spokesman in a statement has said that the reported killing of three missing labourers from Rajouri in a staged encounter at south Kashmir’s Shopian has raised questions on all such encounters in recent months especially in view of the new decision not to identify bodies, or hand them over to families and bury them reportedly in remote, inaccessible, unidentified places.

The spokesman said that in order to justify its repressive, unconstitutional, inhuman and extremely violent measures upon the people of Kashmir, all government of India needs is a militancy narrative.

He added that armed forces in Kashmir have been given absolute impunity to detain, torture or kill innocent people. “Such an episode has elucidated why bodies, post encounters, are allowed to decompose at unknown locations. It is high time that impartial and high-level probes into recent encounters must be ordered,” said the PDP spokesman.

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