Denial of justice and democracy in Kashmir since August: Shashi Tharoor

Srinagar: Senior Congress leader and member parliament Shashi Tharoor on Wednesday said that there is denial of justice and democracy in Kashmir since August last year.

He termed it as the denial of human rights of people living in Kashmir and said that the only hope lies with the supreme Court. Besides this he has pressed the government for the restitution of services in Kashmir.

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“You are totally right, @ratnadeeptweets. There is a denial of justice & democracy to the residents of Kashmir since August. Since the Govt is impervious, the only hope lies in the Supreme Court finding this to be a denial of their human rights & ordering restitution of services,” he tweeted.

Tharoor earlier in the morning said, Federalism has been overridden, Parliament & courts can’t convene, now media,” he said. “Are we seeing the Lockdown of Democracy?”

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