‘Sanitation workers being brutally beaten by policemen in Srinagar’: Mayor Srinagar

'Dignity of sanitation workers needs to be restored': Mayor

Srinagar: Mayor of Srinagar, Junaid Matoo has accused police of singling out sanitation workers and then beating them in Srinagar while they were risking their lives to sanitize the city and make it Corona virus free.

In a bid to give credence to his accusations, Matoo shared a video on Twitter, which allegedly showed policemen beating some men, who the mayor described as municipality employee going on their routine work.

“After MULTIPLE instances of sanitation workers being BRUTALLY beaten by policemen in Srinagar, I AGAIN brought the matter into the notice of SSP Srinagar yesterday – along with this video – where SMC employees are being SINGLED OUT, thrashed, abused – as if for ENTERTAINMENT!,” Matoo tweeted while sharing a video.

He said Srinagar municipality was at the fore front of Srinagar’s heroic battle against COVID 19, and its employees were risking their life to make city safe

He continued:


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