Triple Talaq Bill not for protection of Muslims but to fill prisons: Azad

Triple Talaq Bill not for protection of Muslims but to fill prisons: Azad

New Delhi:  Criticising the criminalisation aspect of the Triple Talaq Bill, Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad on Tuesday said that the Bill was not for protection of Muslim women but to fill up prisons.

Speaking during a debate on the Triple Talaq Bill in the Upper House, Azad said,’’ the government wants to create a divide in society. This is not for protection or maintenance of Muslims but to fill up prisons.’’

The Congress leader said that the Government has failed to allay his party’s apprehensions on the Bill but instead done a cosmetic surgery on it.

‘’ Instead of allaying our apprehensions, the BJP has done cosmetic surgery on the bill. In Islam, marriage is a civil contract but it is being made criminal. It is being made a cognisable offence.

The government is not ready to help the victim of triple talaq but is more interested in arresting the husband. Will we also bring Islamic nation concepts like flogging, decapacitation, dismembering and ISI?” Azad said.

Pointing out that the Supreme court had already made the triple talaq illegal, Azad questioned the purpose of bringing this Bill.

‘’ The Supreme Court has called triple talaq illegal. If I threaten to kill myself will you hang me? No. If the Supreme Court has made triple talaq illegal, what is the punishment for?,’’he asked.

Charging the Government of creating a divide in society, Azad said,’’the government is insistent on getting its own way. It wants to create a divide in society. If you are supporters of personal law then why the double standards here? Empowerment is not just the need of Muslim women but of all women.’’

.Criticising the criminalisation aspect of the triple talaq Bill, Azad said,’’when they (Muslim men) will come out of jail they will either commit suicide or become dacoits and thieves. That is the intention of your bill.’’

Terming the Bill as ‘politically motivated’, he said,’’ this law is politically motivated. It is designed to ensure that minorities are occupied in fighting amongst themselves. Husband and wife will hire lawyers against each other. Land will be sold in order to pay lawyers. By the time jail term will be over, they’ll be bankrupt.’


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