Srinagar: US President, Donald Trump has said that Prime Minister Modi asked him to mediate on Kashmir dispute.

Trump told Imran Khan that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate in the dispute.

The US President further told Pakistan PM Imran Khan if he would like to him (Trump) to mediate on the issue then he (Trump) would love to do that.

“I was with PM Modi two weeks ago. We talked about subject. He talked about whether you like to be arbitrator,” Trump told PM Khan

“I said where? He (Modi) said Kashmir. Because this is going after many many years. I was surprised how long it was going on”.

To which PM Khan replied, “70 years”.

“I think they like it to see get resolved, You want to see it get resolved. If I can help, I can be mediator,” US president replied to Khan during the presser.

Trump also said that he “would love to go to Pakistan, if invited”. “Both countries can play an important role in the Kashmir dispute”.

Imran Khan reportedly accepted Trump’s offer. “Yes, it would be in the benefit of billions of people if you do so to solve the long dispute between the two country,” the Pakistan PM told the US president.


This post was published on July 22, 2019