Over 80000 people reported missing in Japan in 2018

A total of 87,962 people were reported missing in Japan previous year, the highest number in last decade.

The missing persons included those who suffered from social and economic issues, and diseases — including dementia — daily Japan Times reported.

“Those in their 20s were the leading age group at 18,518. Of the total, 64.1 percent were male and 35.9 percent female,” the daily said, citing police data.

The police data also showed that diseases including dementia were the largest cause of disappearances, accounting for 23,347, or 26.5 percent; followed by family problems at 14,866, or 16.9 percent; and business troubles at 10,980, or 12.5 percent.

It added that missing people who suffer from dementia reached a record 16,927 last year, nearly doubling since police began collecting data in 2012.

“Reflecting the rapid aging of society, the figure has set new records every year. It was up 1,064 in 2018 from 2017,” the daily said.

Last Tuesday, Japanese government approved a new program aimed at helping dementia patients live more comfortably as the country is expecting around 7 million elderly people suffering from dementia by 2025.

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