Whole of Kashmir belongs to Kashmiri pandits: Farooq Abdullah

Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday said Kashmiri Pandit community is an essential element of the cultural milieu of Kashmir, saying need of the hour is to defeat the vested interests that are hell bent to fashion the wedge between two communities.

Party president while addressing a delegation of Kashmiri pandits at his Srinagar residence said, “Kashmiri pundits are part and parcel of our cultural milieu, we as a society are incomplete without our Kashmiri pandit brethren. The community has traditionally been known for its penchant for learning, writing and other upright endowments. Notwithstanding the turbulence of the past few decades, the cultural equation of brotherhood and camaraderie stand as strong as it had been for decades. There are some vested interests that drive their sustenance by propagating animosity and mistrust. I can understand the agony of Kashmiri pundits living away from their motherland, but Kashmiri Muslims have been equally unfortunate because of the conflict that snatched thousands of our youth during this period.”

Party president while underscoring the need of forging unity said, “The Muslims of Kashmir have always come out of their way to help the Kashmiri pandit brethren in their difficulties. Be it Amarnath Yatra or any other festive occasion, Kashmir Muslims have always lent all sort of assistance and support to their pundit brethren. The equation between the two communities has always been a scorn in the eyes of those who don’t want us to live in unity, because it hurts their interests. It is encouraging to see that vast majority of the Kashmiri pundit community wants to live alongside with their Muslim brethren in the valley, rejecting the destructive and divisive ideology of those few who want to divide the state on communal lines.”

He further added, “Whole of Kashmir belongs to Kashmiri pandits as it is to Kashmiri Muslims, both I firmly believe are the rightful owners of this land. We have been trying our level best to bring back the community to valley. Many effective employment schemes were doled out during the Omar Abdullah led government to help the community to settle back in Kashmir. However the successive BJP-PDP government was not able to carry forward the momentum of the good work done until 2014. For last few years we have only been hearing useless slogan mongering and fanfare. Nothing substantial was done in that direction. However once in power we will rejuvenate the efforts of bringing them back to their homes with dignity.”

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