Sri Lanka’s military reports 15 deaths in shootout during search for bomb suspects

Srinagar: A Sri Lankan military spokesman on Saturday said 15 bodies were found in a house where soldiers had pursued suspects in the Easter Sunday bombings. The spokesman said the bodies, including those of six children, were discovered after a shootout in the Eastern province.

A police spokesman said three suspects in the bombings also were killed, NPR reported.

Coordinated bomb attacks at churches and hotels on Sunday killed at least 250 people dead and hundreds more wounded.

The U.S. State Department on Friday urged Americans to reconsider travel to Sri Lanka. It also said children of U.S. government employees must leave, and it authorized the departure of nonemergency government employees and their families.

The department warned that terrorists may target public locations such as places of worship, transportation hubs and markets.

Sri Lanka’s president says authorities are looking for 140 people with suspected links to Islamic State. Most of those being sought are young people, NPR’s Michael Sullivan reports from Colombo; more than 70 people have already been arrested. The shootout erupted on Friday in Sri Lanka’s Eastern province as soldiers attempted to raid a building there, with the military and suspects exchanging gunfire.

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