Authorities issue travel permit for highway on the palm: People say life has become a humiliation in Kashmir

Srinagar: The authorities allowed a person to travel on Kashmir highway after issuing permit on his palm in South Kashmir;s Anantnag district.

Not only the palm was stamped by the magistrate Anantnag, the officer had duly signed it and scribbled words, “allow to Shangus”.

Instead of issuing on the paper, the reason to issue travel permit on palm was that the permit would not last beyond the next hand wash.

Soon after the traveler posted the picture on the social media, it became viral within no time.

Already fuming with the bi-weekly ban for travelling on the highway, people stated that the life in Kashmir has become a humiliation in itself.

“This is our state of affairs in #Kashmir. The Nazis will die of shame. To walk on our streets and highways, Kashmiris need approval, a stamp from His/Her Highness. Now many wonder where the next stamp will be…. Anyone’s guess!” wrote journalist Gowhar Geelani.

Reacting to the permit, the noted human rights activist, Khurram Parvez stated:


Former Chief Minister and National Conference Leader, Omar Abdullah wrote: “This is how permission is granted to people in J&K to use their highway. Their hands are being stamped & written on. I don’t know what to say! Should we be flippant & mock the attempt at saving paper? I’m just angry at the degrading, inhuman treatment being meted out to people.”

Bureaucrat turned politician, Shah Faesal wrote:


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