Congress responsible for creation of Pakistan, says Narendra Modi

Maharashtra: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday held Congress responsible for the creation of Pakistan.

Addressing a poll rally at this town in Latur district of Maharashtra, Modi also appeared to be treading sensitive ground by asking first-time voters to dedicate their first vote to those who carried out air strike in Balakot.

“Can your first vote be dedicated to those who carried out air strike,” Modi said, appealing to first-time voters.

Pakistan would not have born had Congress leaders acted wisely in the pre-independence era, Modi said, as he stepped attack on the Grand Old Party.

“Had Congress leaders acted wisely during the pre- independence era, this Pakistan would not have born,” Modi said.

Modi said the Congress party’s manifesto speaks the same language as that of Pakistan.

He accused the Congress and its ally NCP of standing with those who want a separate Prime Minister for Jammu and Kashmir.

Modi was referring to National Conference leader Omar Abdullah’s remark in this connection.

Hitting out at NCP chief Sharad Pawar on the issue, Modi asked if it behoved the Maratha strongman to join forces with the parties holding such a view.

On the other hand, Modi said under the BJP’s watch it was the policy of ‘New India’ that it will kill terrorists barging into their dens.

The prime minister reiterated his allegation that the opposition parties that they were questioning the valour of the security forces post last month’s Pulwama terror attack.

Modi also hailed the manifesto of the BJP, released in Delhi Monday, and said the party was committed to national security and farmers’ welfare among other.

“Your trust is my biggest accomplishment in last five years,” Modi told the crowd.

He also said his objective is to rid India of naxal and Maoist menace.

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  1. Almi  July 25, 2019 at 10:19 AM

    Typical election campaign propaganda. Actually, Mountbatten made the decision over partition and petitioned his government to do what was necessary. Both the Congress and the Muslim League under Jinnah had no choice but to accept the partition plan after communal riots were tearing the country apart. It’s easy for Modi in 2019 to blabber such things, because he was not born yet then.
    In fact, every effort was made by Gandhi to appeal to the masses to preserve unity, but it simply did not work. Partition was the only solution then. In fact Mountbatten believed that a new state (Pakistan) would not last more than 2 decades. He has been also been proven wrong.


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