For reporting probe order, Biscoe Mallinson Society threatens ‘propagators’ of ‘stern’ legal action

Srinagar: One of Kashmir’s oldest schools, Tyandale-Biscoe Mallinson Society (TBMS) has threatened its ex-employee and other related “people” with stern legal action for “propagating” the court order against a complaint, asking the crime branch to look into the allegations of corruption and embezzlement involving the family of the school principals (of Biscoe and Mallinson).

Following the report of The Kashmir Press that court has issued a probe order to investigate the allegations leveled by an ex-employee against the top notch of the leading Kashmir schools, the news received widespread coverage, prompting the school to issue a rebuttal and threaten people who will circulate the news.

According to the press release, TBMS owns the Kashmir valley school Budgam, Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson school, and Shaji marag, Tangmarag.

“In the recent past, an unscrupulous ex-employee of the TBMS in connivance with some outside elements had tried to unleash a malicious and false propaganda against the fair name of these century old institutions for his own personal gratification through social media against the management of TBMS which has been established as figment of imagination by the competent authority as per records. The circulation is slanderous and defamatory and has not factual basis,” the TBMS press release states.

“The entire infrastructure and assets of TBMS are are owned by TBMS and not by any individual. The version propogated in the complaint against TBMS is factually incorrect and it is a known and documented fact that TBMS has a number of assets spread all over the Kashmir valley established for its objectives of education,   health care and social involvement”.

The TBMS states that it has initiated a stern legal against the propagators of the “vilification” campaign.

“Since the propaganda was nefariously motivated and harming the reputation of TBMS and its management the TBMS has initiated a very stern legal action against the propagators of this vilification campaign and both civil as well as criminal prosecution has been initiated against the said and the former employee and other persons. TBMS is further in the process of identifying people who may be linked with these people at various levels and strict legal action has been contemplated against all such individuals including exhaustive claims for defamation and slander and the attempt to malign the reputation of TBMS and its management,” the TBMS stated.

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Press statement of TBMS issued in the media

Earlier, The Kashmir Press has reported that a Srinagar court has instructed Crime branch Srinagar to start a ‘fresh probe’ into a complaint which claims that Tyndal Biscoe, Mallinson school Principals, and other administrative officials, have resorted to massive corruption and embezzlement.

The directions have come after former Estates Supervisor of Tyndale-Biscoe and Mallinson society, Rajan Sandhu along with member of Saints Paul Church, Isaac Samuel, approached the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Srinagar with complaint to probe the cases of “corruption and misappropriation” in the school.

In their litigation, they accused that chairman of joint management committee, Bishop of diocese of Amritsar, Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy, Principal and Director, Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson School, Parvez Samuel Koul, Headmistress of Mallinson School and The Kashmir Valley school, Joyce Kaul, Administrator Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson school, Rahul rex Kaul,  Chief Accounts officer of Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson School, and Accounts and estates officer, Vijendara Dhanvantri were in league with each other in resorting to illegal and corrupt practices which was bringing harm to the school.

On March 22, the court ordered the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Crime Branch to submit a fresh report by March 30, 2019 in light of the application made by the complainants on December 28, 2018 in the CJM.

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