Our absence from power corridors allows people to fiddle with article 370: Farooq Abdullah

Srinagar: Jammu and National Conference President Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said that absence National Conference (NC) from power corridors allows people to fiddle with article 370.

Addressing a gathering of party functionaries, block presidents and segment in charges of Srinagar, NC Party President while underscoring the significance of the constitutional safe guards including Art-370, Art 35-A said, “It was in that constitution, a social document that National Conference was able to achieve a special dispensation for our state. The Delhi agreement streamlined the relation between Srinagar and New Delhi. Nonetheless whatever we were able to achieve was eventually eroded by the successive governments of the state led by Bakshi and Sadiq. They had to implement the agenda of New Delhi because they drew their sustenance from them. They were bound to do so, being at their beck and call, they had no other choice.”

“However no sooner we returned to power, the unrelenting erosion of our special status ceased to end. However our absence from power corridors of our state gave all the forces as is inimical to state’s unique character and integrity a field day to fiddle with our status. What enfolded during past few years during the PDP-BJP rule bears my assertions out, be it implementation of National Food Security Act or GST. What was left of our special status in shape of our fiscal autonomy was eroded by PDP. We have seen it all with our eyes. This should act as an eye opener to all.”

Abdullah while reproving Union Finance minister for his recent uncouth assertions about Art 35-A said, “Art-370, Art-35 A sanctify the constitutional link between New Delhi and the J&K state. They are hell bent to degrade our constitutional status; this assertion of his reveals their anti Kashmir agenda. Kashmiris have lent immense sacrifices to throw the autocratic yolk away from state. We have never allowed anybody to enslave us; we will never give up on that predilection of ours. We will fight for the unity and integrity of our state at any cost.”

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