JKPM launches ‘public reach out’ campaign

JKPM launches ‘public reach out’ campaign

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples’ Movement (JKPM) has launched its ‘Public Reach-out’ campaign on Monday.

The reach out campaign was started by JKPM leader Shah Faesal from the frontier district of Kupwara so as to understand the people’s grievances, demands and problems spokesman said

JKPM team visited various villages and held interactions with the delegations from Bumhama, Dodawan, Nag Sarai, Mudmadu, Thyan, Huayhama, Hayhama B, MerNag, Kupwara town, Doniwari, Wowura, Chepora, Chaiwan and Mudanpora. JKPM team comprised of Dr. Shah Faisal, Chasfeda Shah, Shah Mubashir, Dr. Mustafa, Perzada Feroze, Zameer Ahmad Shah, Iqbal Rather, Feroz Wani, Arshid Nazir Paray, Ghulam Ahmad Shah, Nazer Ahmad Khan and Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Bhat.

The JKPM team was overwhelmed by the response from the people who are hoping that Dr. Shah Faesal will work for the common people, find a solution to the vexed Kashmir issue and give them an alternative from the traditional oppressive dynastic politics the spokesman added.

This “Reach-out” campaign is primarily focusing on bringing social awareness which is viewed as the precursor for the political revolution that JKPM has envisioned.

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