Peoples Conference is crony of RSS and BJP: NC

NC spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (N) on Wednesday said Peoples Conference (PC) was resorting to cheap publicity stunt to remain relevant in Kashmir so as to serve the purpose of anti Kashmir rhetoric of RSS- BJP in the state.

Party’s provincial spokesperson, Imran Nabi Dar, while trashing the allegations of PC President Sajad Gani Lone against the party said, “The dire consequences of the fractured mandate are before us. The tumultuous situation that the state is facing is a direct consequence of the ill-fated coalition of PDP-BJP that propped up in 2014. The situation should have been much better had a single party acquired a mandate,” adding, “Sajad lone is speaking from the lap of RSS. It is obvious that any attempt to give state a collective voice is bound to hurt his interests, as it serves his masters to have a fractured mandate to help them attack states unique identity and integrity of the state.”

Dar said said that PC being a crony of RSS-BJP lacks the moral disposition to raise finger at National Conference. “Sajad is following the footsteps of his father, who barefacedly, in an interview to blitz magazine had revealed his abhorrence for Article 370. Late Lone had barefacedly asserted that Art 370 should be done away with. Keeping in line with his filial disposition, Sajad is also complaining of any effort aimed to give state a collective voice for safeguarding the special status of our state,” he said.

Party spokesperson said that Sajad owes an explanation to the people of state about the marked change from being the pioneers of separatist politics to sitting into the lap of RSS.

“He is known for changing stances repeatedly. Omar sahib is earnestly making efforts to give our state a collective voice. Sher-e-Kashmir had already foretold that New Delhi will create leaders in every street after his death. Sajad is one of those ‘street leaders’ whose only assignment is to fullfill the agenda of RSS-BJP. His open cuddling with Narendra Modi and BJP-RSS is known to all. People are aware of his mendacious temperament; he will be shown his right place in the ensuing elections.”

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