Jio Reliance is using its influence to harass local cable operators: Cable operators association

Srinagar: Local cable operators association have alleged that Jio Reliance Company was hatching a Conspiracy against the local cable operators.

The association, in a meeting, presided by the president Shakeel Ahmad, discussed the negative role played by the  Reliance Jio against local Cable Operators.

According to the statement, Cable Operators Association alleged that Jio Reliance Company was hatching a conspiracy against the local cable operators in Srinagar and was  using their influence upon police to unnecessarily harass local cable operators in different ways.

As such, the local cable operators said the work of the local cable operators has got badly affected.

The statement said  JIO was doing it since was starting its own cable service system in Srinagar.

Local cable operators of Srinagar district requested Governer Staya Paul Malik and Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Baseer Ahmad Khan to look in to the matter and direct Police not to harass Srinagar Cable operators unneceassilry without any reason and justification in future so that Cable operators can perform their work without any disturbance.

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