DNA, Cyber Forensic Divisions at FSL Srinagar to boost criminal system in JK

SRINAGAR: Advisor to Governor, K Vijay Kumar today inaugurated DNA Division and Cyber Forensic Division at Forensic Science Lab (FSL) at Bemina.

The newly inaugurated DNA and Cyber Forensic Divisions were sanctioned by the government 2015 for boosting the criminal justice system in the state.

Speaking after inaugurating the new divisions, Advisor Kumar said that the facility will undoubtedly improve the rate of conviction especially in cases of heinous crimes. He further said that the present setup will help us in deciphering the identity of an individual thus helping in cases like murder, rape, identification of unidentified and unclaimed bodies apart from identification of mass disaster victims etc.

The laboratory is adorned with the modern sophisticated equipments like genetic analyzer etc, he added.

DNA profiling is a technique in which a DNA profile is generated from the crime scene by taking biological sample to link with the criminal with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Earlier, the cases for DNA tests were sent to other laboratories in other parts of the country like Delhi and Chandigarh resulting into protraction in delivery of justice.

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