Illegal construction on state land: FIR registered against violator for not obeying law in Srinagar

Srinagar: Even after the registration of a formal police case, an influential individual on the behest of an SMC top man is busy in constructing an illegal building in Pantha Chowk. The said person according to sources has not obeyed the directions of Executive Magistrate 1st Class who in a communique to the violator had asked him to stop construction work on the state land.

The government order copies issued by the office of Tehsildar Pantha Chowk Srinagar to one Basharat Darzi son of Muhammad Rafiq Darzi, a resident of Athwajan Srinagar reveals that the said person was asked to immediately halt the construction work on the state land, however, he didn’t obey the law prompting the Tehsildar to register an FIR against him.

“Through the medium of many verbal directions by this office, you are directed to stop the ongoing construction work on survey number 1169/246 (State Land) on the roadside at Pantha Chowk but without caring for the law you proceeded ahead with the construction work. As such, you are hereby once again directed to stop the ongoing construction work immediately failing which a disciplinary action will be initiated against you. You must explain the reason for not obeying the orders of this court,” reads the first order copy.

Sources said that the person in question didn’t respond to the notices as he is reportedly hand in glove with the top man from Srinagar Municipal Corporation.

Reports said Tehsildar Pantha Chowk was forced to approach Police Station after the said violator didn’t give heed to the official communiqué.

“Whereas, Basharat Darzi son of Rafiq Dar of Athwajan was informed by this office several times to restrain from any construction on survey number 1169/246 (State Land) on the road side at Pantha Chowk, but the said person still proceeded ahead with the construction work. In this regard you (SHO Police Station Pantha Chowk) are directed to lodge an FIR against the said violator under relevant sections of Law,” reads another government order.

Locals said that government initiates action against only minnows but never targets big fish.(cns)


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