LMD books ‘Wave Mall’ retail outlets for overcharging

Jammu: Acting swiftly on the complaint of consumers viral on social media regarding charge of extra money from the consumers the department of Legal Metrology conducted extensive checking of the big stores dealing with clothing and grocery trades in Wave Mall, Jammu area to ascertain the genuineness of the complaints.

During inspection team inspected M/S Kapson, M/S Life style, Max store,Vegas, Merchant 99 and other stores and found that two stores namely M/S Kapson and M/S Life style has already stopped such restrictive practices of selling carry bags while purchases made by consumers .However when verified on the spot, M/S Max store and Merchant 99 were indulging in unethical selling of brand affixed carry bags on payment basis.

Both the firms were booked under different provisions of law for the flaws as the product sold to a consumer on MRP includes all expenses whether it is levy of taxes, freight, transportation or packing charges.  The carry paper bags too were carrying the logos of company for promotional and merchandizing looks for which consumers can’t be charged. The team instructed the stores on the spot to desist from such unfair trade practices to fleece the gullible consumers.

The team also booked another 5 companies for violations under PCR for not declaring mandatory declarations for the information of consumers.

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