Kashur Studio launched ,Srinagar based artist group claim to redefine Kashmir’s folk music

Srinagar : With an aim to celebrate Kashmir’s rich musical heritage, Srinagar based artists on Friday launched Kashur Studio with a slogan ‘where art meets the soul’– claiming to redefine Kashmir’s folk music.

“Kashur Studio aims to feature the best of Kashmiri music by bringing together some of the finest singers, musicians and composers and giving them a stage to celebrate Kashmir’s rich musical heritage,” organizers said.

“We have seen a downfall of vital institutions– which would preserve and promote Kashmiri and other regional musical forms. Now it is a digital world and we are trying our best to spot some of the finest musicians and singers from across Kashmir,” they said.

Kashur Studio is an independent platform–based in Srinagar spotting some of the finest and young musicians. The organizers said that it has been a remarkable musical journey so far and Kashur Studio continues to dig deep into finding hidden talent and celebrating with the people across the world.

“We will try to rope in noted artists as well as young lot and give them a common platform– where they can experiment with the folk musical forms,” they said. “The first season of the of the Kashur Studio is almost ready to hit the web and we are releasing the first song in this week,” they said.

The core-members of the group include noted music composer, Prof Muzafar Ahmad Bhat, noted artist, Zameer Ashai, acclaimed music composer, Munir Ahmad Mir, journalist and artist, Nazir Ganaie, Singer, Shazia Hamid, freelance filmmakers, Me’raj Bazaz, Imran Farooq, Daniyal Bhat, Javed Ahmad Khan and Ishaq Bhat.

“It is a humble beginning of a new phase where we will try to spot and encourage young artists,” noted artist, Zameer Ashai said. “Time is changing and we have to flow with the tide without losing the basic character of our folk music and other forms of musical genres,” he said, adding “We are starting with the music. We may soon experiment with some of the other forms of art and also start profiling veteran artists and actors for series,” he said.

Noted music composer, Prof Muzafar Ahmad Bhat said that Kashur Studio would be maintaining the rich repository of Kashmir’s folk music.  “We are doing our best to bring new faces and try their talent with a new lease of compositions and lyrics,” he said. He urged youth to subscribe the Kashur Studio and avail the latest Kashmiri songs.

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