PC from being pioneers of separatist politics to sitting into the lap of RSS: NC hits out at Sajad Lone

NC spokesperson, Imran Nabi Dar

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (NC) on Sunday termed the statement of People Conference leader Sajad Gani lone as a canard which is reflective of his slyness and buck-passing mind-set.

NC Provincial spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar, while rejecting the jibes of Sajad Lone said that he has been caught lying and changing stances quite often.

“People still remember how Sajad public swore by Holy Quran that he would not be joining active mainstream politics. And in the same tone he minced no words to say that he would never harm the cause of Kashmir by joining mainstream politics,” he said adding that people are aware of his deceitful and insincere politics.

He said that Sajad didn’t even value the swear-words about joining mainstream politics that he once used.

“People are all aware of his Nagpur and Jandewallan connections and no sophistry and mud slinging can absolve him of the role he played in helping the BJP to fiddle with the state’s special status in particular the valley of Kashmir.

Imran said that Sajad’s uncouth assertions against NC are reflective of his family’s filial tendency of indulging into mendacious politics.

“People remember the way his father Late Abdul Gani lone during his stint as health minister made appalling statement against the Art 370. In Mumbai, Late Abdul Gani Lone bald-facedly asserted in an interview to a magazine Blitz that Art 370 should be done away with,” he said.

Imran said that National conference never supported violence and has always been at the receiving end of it.

“We have suffered immensely at the hands of forces as are inimical to Kashmir unique identity. Our party never used violence to grind our own axe. It is the People’s conferences that have been swinging their politics across the political divide,” he said

Imran said National Conference has lost thousand of its workers and functionaries to the frenzy of conflict over the past three decades.

“PC has been changing its politics from being the pioneers of separatist politics to sitting into the lap of RSS. Had they been doing sincere politics, they would not have hobnobbed with RSS and BJP,” he said.

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