Mehbooba Mufti was one of the strongest chief ministers of J&K: Mehboob Beg

Srinagar: Senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Mehboob Beg on Sunday hailed party president Mehbooba Mufti as one of the most consistent and strongest chief ministers of Jammu and Kashmir.

Beg, in a statement, said no matter if she is in the government or in the opposition she remained steadfast.

“Her politics and conviction finds basis in her ‘pro-people belief’, how she handled the Kathua rape case in a case in-point,” the statement said.

He said that the PDP president resisted the ‘sinister attempt’ to disturb and dislodge the tribal community and allowed no politics was played on this issue.

Beg said Mehbooba’s stand was made crystal clear to the all powerful central Govt as well, the Home Minister offered unconditional talks, the cases against protestors were withdrawn, the unilateral ceasefire was announced, “how can we not appreciate how she persisted with pro-people policies and made the BJP agree to matters that were politically inconvenient to them.”

“She took stands very well realizing that she did not have the numbers to dictate terms to the BJP, yet she persisted and since the BJP did not have the intentions to fulfill the terms agreed upon, they had to pull-out,” he said.

He claimed in the statement that the BJP had entered into this coalition by signing on dotted lines, the Agenda of Alliance was a carefully drafted ‘pro-people’ document.

Beg said “it appears that the BJP had no intention to fulfill what they had committed to do, one cannot do much about if somebody intends to cheat and deceive you.”

“We have had people waste historical opportunities. 1996 was a historic opportunity, the government of the day had overwhelming numbers, but did that government dare to take ‘pro-people’ stands? Let history be the judge on that,” he added.

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