I will do what youth of Kashmir want me to do: Shah Faesal, invites youth for ‘walk the talk’

Srinagar: Kashmir’s IAS topper Shah Faesal on Thursday said that he was stormed with abuse and adulation after he announced his resignation from the government services.

Faesal too to social media and wrote: “It has been a storm of abuse and adulation. Hundreds and thousands of people reacted to my resignation in hundreds and thousands of ways. I totally expected this.”

He said that he has not made any decision yet about his future plans and said that his decision will depend upon what the people of Kashmir want him to do. “More so the youth.”

He said that he has idea of how to do things from hereon. “I am sure you have ideas too and you want me to factor those ideas in before I take a final decision.”

“If you are ready to come out of Fb/Twitter and show up in Srinagar tomorrow, we could think this through together. My choice of politics will be decided by real people not fb likes and comments. I will share the venue details after I know who all are coming. Let’s see out of those hundreds and thousands how many are ready to walk the talk.”


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