To preserve ‘unique identity’ of Chenab valley, Rasheed asks people to support AIP in upcoming elections

Srinagar: Appealing masses of Chenab valley to support Awami Itihad Party (AIP) in upcoming elections to “preserve the unique identity and culture of the region and to make an end to politics of exploitation” former lawmaker Er Rasheed has accused successive governments of ignoring the people of Muslim dominated areas of Jammu province.

Addressing a public gathering in Banihal on Monday, Rasheed said that NC, PDP and Congress have been creating fear among Muslim dominated areas in Jammu region by talking about communal politics of BJP. “Congress has been indulging itself in playing secular card but unfortunately all of them have added to the miseries and sacrificing of the Muslim community without doing any good to them.”

He said the voice of Muslim community in Jammu province goes often unheard for the lack of genuine leadership and whosoever has been voted does at the end stab them. “While BJP has taken the entire administration hostage and is consolidating its vote bank by dirty tricks, the genuine leadership of the Muslim community is being deprived of reaching out to the people. The fact is that the entire Chenab valley has become like a vote making a machine for NC, PDP and Congress and like East India Company for a certain class.”

He accused that various companies who have been authorized to execute much-talked projects are in fact contributing nothing towards the issues which could have got some change in the entire neglected Chenab valley.

Rasheed accused BJP of “shamelessly” consolidating Hindu votes and other parties and dividing Muslim votes by trying to show false sympathies just to gain power and in the entire process, the real issues get ignored.

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