Anjuman Auqaf Jama masjid condemns Friday incident

Srinagar: Anjuman Auqaf Jama Masjid on Saturday has strongly condemned attempted desecration of Historical Jamia Masjid’s pulpit by some masked youth holding Daesh flags on Friday.

“Anjuman Auqaf Jama Masjid has strongly condemned the incident that took place in Jamia Masjid on Friday late in the afternoon after the namazis had left,” said a spokesman, in a statement.

He said a group of some masked boys entered the mosque and rushed to the pulpit when one among them stood atop the pulpit with his shoes on, screaming slogans and creating ruckus.

“In the meantime, his associates videotaped it and the video has been put on social media. This clearly indicates that this incident was deliberate and planned,” said the spokesman.

He said the incident has led to shock, outrage and deep resentment among people and deeply hurt their sentiments associated with the mosque.

He said,“The attempt to desecrate Jamia mosque by this lumpen group of hooligans whose identity is not known as yet as they hide it behind masks, nor at whose behest they are indulging in these shameful acts is strongly condemnable,” .

“It shows utter disregard of this group of miscreants for Islamic institutions, values and Islamic teachings. Such elements not only malign the name of Islam but also abuse it.”he said.

He added that “Jamia Masjid is the spiritual religious and political centre of people of Kashmir and our collective cultural heritage and any attempt to harm it will be firmly dealt with,”

The Auqaf has taken strong note of this shameful incident and warns those elements or agencies behind this incident that people and Auqaf will not tolerate or allow anyone to violate the sanctity of the mosque and the pulpit at any cost.

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