Sehrai condemns nocturnal raids, arrests in Pulwama

Srinagar: Tehreek-e-Hurriyat chairman, Mohd Ashraf has condemned the nocturnal raids and the arrests of youth in Pulwama and described it as ‘dictatorial and unethical’.

While strongly condemning night raids and arrest spree unleashed by state administration, Sehrai said that police and forces with their approach has created havoc in nook and corner of state and created a sense of insecurity among innocent youth and added that police during nocturnal raids are arresting people on fabricated allegations.

“No power on earth or such coercive measures can dampen their passions or deter people from following their cherished mission. New Delhi is entirely responsible for pushing Kashmir youth, including those pursuing degrees, to the wall,” he said.

“New Delhi continues to ignore the basic reality and ground situation which can be gauged from the fact that highly educated students are quitting their studies and resorting to other means of resistance to fight the worst form of oppression,” he added.

Sehrai said that during raids dozens of innocent youth were arrested from Pulwama and said, in chilling cold people were dragged from their houses and frisked and paraded in open is brazen act of state aggression.

He said “the human approach is fundamental and added authority should behave like humans as prevailing anarchy in the occupied territory is the outcome of rigidity and haughty approach of Indian authorities. Such suppressive steps would never dislodge the people of Kashmir and resistance leaders from taking the struggle to its logical conclusion.”

“Kashmir has been converted into the Guantanamo bay prison. This situation confirms our stand that Indian is holding a military operation in Kashmir to create a grave yard silence across the spectrum,” he added.

Sehrai said “India has virtually started a war against the common Kashmiris. Army and police have intensified the

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