Leaving of Headquarters by Officers: Govt issues fresh instructions

JAMMU: The Government on Tuesday issued a set of fresh instructions for officers regarding leaving of headquarters.

According to an order issued by General Administration Department, the Administrative Secretaries, Divisional Commissioners/ Deputy Commissioners shall continue to seek prior permission and shall submit tour note of each visit for the perusal of the Chief Secretary for visits outside the state before leaving their headquarters.

‘’The HoDs and Divisional level officers working in the field shall obtain prior permission from the Administrative Department before undertaking any visit outside the state with an intimation to the Divisional Commissioner concerned,” it said adding that if any HoD/Divisional level officer visits any part of the state in connection with official work, he/she shall seek prior permission of Divisional Commissioner and an intimation regarding the same will also be made to the concerned Administrative Department.

‘’Moreover, a District level officer visiting any part of the state would be required to obtain prior permission of the Deputy Commissioner under intimation to the concerned HoD,” said the order adding that each HoD shall submit a tour note of the visit undertaken within and outside the state to the Administrative Secretary on a monthly basis.

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