Kashmir Economic Alliance condemns Srinagar Dy Mayor’s ‘abusive publicity stunt’

Srinagar: The Kashmir Economic Alliance, a conglomerate of Kashmir traders bodies, President Yasin Khan has condemned the “abusive publicity of stunts” of the Deputy Mayor of Srinagar Municipal Corporation Sheikh Imran whereby he misbehaved with a team of doctors at a government hospital in Srinagar.
In a statement Khan said it was unfortunate that instead of concentrating on his basic needs of keeping Srinagar neat and clean, the Dy Mayor was crossing all limits for the sake of publicity.
He said the language used by the Dy Mayor against the doctors as seen in the video clip was highly derogatory and condemnable and sought unconditional apology from him.
“By which authority was he insulting any individual? No doubt doctors need to improve in accordance with the aspirations of the patients in particular and health care in general but abusing anyone, be it anyone linked to any job, is not tolerable.”
“Taking video with commuters in buses, poking nose into hospital affairs is not the job of SMC people. The incident has shocked the entire Kashmiri society,” he said.

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