Will not allow motivated political moves to override our cultural consciousness” Kashmiri writers say

Asked MHRD to include Kashmir language in portal

Srinagar,Dec 11: Stating the Kashmiri culture is an inclusive ethos the writers poets and social workers who met here in Tagore Hall said in common voice that they will fight any conspiracy aimed at damaging the traditional linguistic or cilturae aura of Kashmir.

Terming the removal of Kashmiri Language from Sangam Portal by Union Home Ministry a political move initiated behest of some ‘trolls’ writers requested Home ministry to revoke the descision while restoring the language forthwith.

A galaxy of writers,intellectuals,poets and members from civil society attended an assembly hosted by Adbi Marjaz Kamraz Jammu and Kashmi- states largest Literary and cultural organisation.

The event was moderated by noted artists broadcaster and former General secrecy AMK Muhmmad Amin Bhat.

While presenting the introductory words Amin Bhat said that Kashmiri Language is most important dimension of our cultural ethos that believes in inclusiveness of cultures and has equal importance for Muslim and Pandith communities.

Terming HRD Minstry’s move of removing Kashmiri Language from portal as politically motivated Bhat said that issue was purely a linguistic issue which ministry should have reffered to linguistic experts before taking any descision.

Bhat said that Pandiths have equal responsibility as Muslims have to save and safeguard Kashmiri Language. He said “The descion seems to be hasty taken in behest of some trolls so we all will fight it tooth and nail in unison”.

Parvaiz Manoos representing Gujjar and Pahari community said that Kashmiri Language is the mother of all regional language and an umbrella which shades a the languages.

“Kashmiri Language is umbrella of all regional language so damaging this language means damaging all language”Manoos said.

Participants expressed anguish over the politics of culture and language and decided to fight any such political step that can be can be harmful for Kashmir identity and consciousness.

Vice President Kashmir Chamber of Commerce Dr Abdul Majeed Mir said that Cultural Identity is most important component of society that cannot be compromised at any cost.

He said that baised and motivated political moves and motives cannot be allowed to override our cultural consciousness.

“we are united to save our identity of need other options will be oppress to save the identity”Mir said.

Patron AMK JK Muhammad Ramzan (Mashal Sultanpori) who chaired the meer said that all the literary and cultural organisation are united at this time.

“it is matter of language and identity,we will fight it together till it’s logical end”Mashal said.

Dr Rafiqe Masoodi former ADG Doordarshan,Gushan Badrani,Shahnaz Rashid,Khaliq Shams Gen Secretary AMK,Shabnum Telgami AMK also spoke on occasion.Among the others who spoke on occasion include Bashir Dada, Nisar Nadeem, Waheed Jeelani, Parvez Manoos, Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq, Advocate Shabir Ahmad Aariz, Gulshan Badrani, Shahnaz Rasheed, Shabir Hussain Shabir, Inayat Gul, Dr Shabnam Rafeeq, Muneer Masoodi, Nisar Nadeem, Imtiyaz Ahmad Bazaz, Maqbool Sajid, Dr Syed Iftikhar, Riyaz Anznoo and Nadir Ahsan.

Participants expressed their concern and resolved that the Union HRD ministry be approached immediately requesting it to restore the position of Kashmiri Language in Bhasha Sangam Potal without any loss of time. An action committee was framed to decide the further coerce of action in future if needed.

The members representing Maraz Adbi Sangam, Kashmir Chamber of commerce and industries, Maraz Kamraz Accaemy, Sanlab Adbi Ta Tehqiqi Markaz Banihal, Kashmir Markaz-i-Adab Va- Saqafat Budgam, Gulshan Cultural Forum Kashmir, Kashmir Music Club, Pahari Writers Foundation, Aaab-i- Rawan Kashmir and Members of Adbi Markaz Kamraz attend the event.

President AMK Farooq Rafiabad presented vote of thanks.

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