Sales Tax dept deliberately seizing goods trucks headed to Kashmir to ‘crumble economy’, alleges traders body

Srinagar: Kashmir Economic Alliance Saturday accused the Jammu and Kashmir government of victimising traders in the grab of Lakhanpur entry post.

In a statement, Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) Chairman Yasin Khan said the DC Sales Tax has been deliberately seizing good laden trucks headed to Kashmir to “further crumble the economy of Kashmir”.

“The trucks are being kept unduly seized and checked for weeks, these Babus are calling the shots, and this is a bid to frustrate traders so that they give up trade,” alleged Khan.  He said the state government was directly responsible for this mess.

“Time and again we have been telling the government to end two entry system for Kashmir. After Lakhanpur, State traders are subjected to entry red-tapism at Lakhanpur. Why two troubles for Kashmir?” he asked.

Khan, who is also the President of Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation, has also lodged a strong protest against raids on business premises and alleged misuse of discretionary powers by tax officials.

“We would exercise all options, including closure of businesses and protests and the blame will be on Govt,” he said.

Khan appealed to the Governor administration to take remedial measures without any further delay.

“What is most urgently needed is that goods trucks headed for Kashmir should not be seized or checked at Lakhanpur come what may and DC Sales Tax Lakhanpur should open a window in Kashmir so that even if there is some problem with regard to documental formalities the same can be solved in Kashmir without harassing traders unnecessarily,” Khan suggested.

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