Exit polls predict clear win for Congress in Rajastahn, close contest in MP, C’garh between congress, BJP

Exit polls predict clear win for Cong in Raj, close fight b/w BJP & Cong in MP, C'garh

New Delhi: Exit polls on Friday predicted a clear win for the Congress in Rajasthan  while forecasting a close fight between the party and BJP in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh while TRS was expected to romp home in Telangana.

An exit poll released by India Today-Axis gave the opposition Congress a slight lead over incumbent BJP in Madhya Pradesh, predicting that it would garner 104-122 seats against 102-122  seats by BJP in a tightly-contested Assembly elections.

Independents and others were expected to gain four to eleven seats in the state which has seen three-term rule of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

An exit poll by NewsX forecast a hung Assembly in MP with the Congress predicted to win 112 seats followed closely by BJP at 106 and 12 for others. The halfway mark was 116.

However, according to Times Now-CNX, BJP would romp home safely in MP with 126 seats while Congress was expected to settle for 89 seats and 15 for others. The ABP-CSDS polls, however, found Congress leading on 126 seats with BJP trailing at 94.

Another exit poll by Republic TV and Jan Ki Baat predicted a lead for the BJP in MP with 108-129 seats while the Congress was predicted to win 95-115 seats and other 7 seats.

Congress seemed to be leading in Chhattisgarh as surveys have given a slight edge to the Congress. The half-way mark in the 90-seat Assembly is 46 seats.

While Times Now-CNX exit polls put BJP ahead with 46 seats, Congress was next at 35 and JCC+BSP with 7 and others at 2, Congress appeared victorious in the India Today-Axis exit polls, with 55-65 seats while BJP’s tally was at 21-31 and others at 4-8. However, the NEWSX-NETA polls placed BJP ahead with 43 seats, followed by Congress – 40 and others – 7.

The exit polls predicted a clear win for the Congress in Rajasthan. In the case of Rajasthan, the Times  Now-CNX polls indicated that Congress would cross the halfway mark, leading with 105 seats, BJP retaining 85 and two for BSP.

The India Today-Axis exit poll showed that the Congress would win 119-141 seats while the BJP was predicted to win 55-57 seats.

The Republic-C Voter exit poll predicted a win for Congress in Rajasthan with 129-145 seats while  forecasting 52 to 68 seats for the BJP and 5 to 11 for others.

In Telangana, pollsters of Times Now-CNX showed TRS gaining 66 seats, 37 for Congress, 7 for BJP and  9 for others while India Today-Axis projected that TRS would gain 79-91 seats, 21-33 for Congress+TDP, 4-7 for AIMIM, and 1-3 seats for BJP.


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