Wonder if NC, PDP will now give up ‘politics of opportunism’ and have courage to join in: Mirwaiz

Srinagar: Kashmir’s chief priest and Hurriyat Conference (M) chairperson on Friday said that the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party despite doing New Delhi’s biddings at the cost of betraying their own people have not been able to earn New Delhi’s trust.

Addressing a Friday congregation here in Jamia Masjid Srinagar, Mirwaiz said that despite serving the interests of the Indian state for 70 years with loyalty and servitude, they are still being branded as Pakistan agents and terror supporters by the Indian state.

In a tweet later, Mirwaiz said: “Wonder if the realization of the struggle and sacrifices of their own people for deciding their destiny ever hits them, and they give up practicing the politics of sheer opportunism and self-interest and have the courage to join in. (SIC).”


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