Wetland comment: IGP Rath calls SMC mayor ‘Cabbage’, Junaid Mattoo responds

Srinagar: Inspector General of Police Traffic, Jammu and Kashmir Basant Rath on Wednesday apparently while taking a dig at the Mayor-elect Srinagar Municipal Corporation Junaid Azim Mattoo said that wetlands are a vital part of our ecosystem. “Only a Cabbage will think otherwise,” he said, in an apparent reference to Mattoo’s comments.

Matto on Tuesday while responding to a question said: “We are not putting chastity belts around Srinagar. We will strike a balance between development and ecology but that does not mean putting a chastity belt around the city.” He said: “Wetland Main Kya Karna Hai, Chudyoun Kou Deakna Hai?”

Meanwhile while reacting to Basant Rath’s tweet Mattoo said: “That is fine.”

Mattoo was mentioned in the tweet by a journalist Auqib Javeed tagging him that he was called a cabbage. He responded: “That’s fine. He’s unwell. Don’t worry.”

Interestingly Mattoo has liked the above tweet of Basant Rath.

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