Earn money through live streaming and broadcasting on Bigo Live

Bigo Live: Monetising broadcasting and live streaming

New Delhi: While Live streaming is certainly the most passionate thing for the internet audiences in present days, the future of the same could be more glorious with an initiative to incentivize talent on certain live streaming platforms.

Bigo Live empowers people to share their creativity, passion and happiness in life to making world a connected place. Its power to monetise makes it more interesting.

The platform can be used not only for socialising and talent showcase but also for earning money and livelihood. It has broadcasters who are earning more than what a typical 9-5 job offers. Not only it helps a lot of professionals increase their fan base, but also get them more clients.

Talking about BIGO’s broadcasters, who are the backbone of this platform. The topmost broadcaster, who is from Guwahati, is earning around Rs 2 lakh a month from broadcasting and live streaming on Bigo. The second highest broadcaster is from Mumbai and is earning Rs 1.5-2 lakh a month. The third highest earning broadcaster is from Haryana, a student and is earning around Rs 1 lakh a month.

It is a leading mobile internet company dedicated to improving the way people live and communicate. Started with video and vocal technology service all over the world today the platform provides successful live-broadcasting, vocal social media, short video platform services.

Live streaming due to its personal revealing nature puts online relationships to a deeper level which brings users and broadcasters closer together.

A typical live streaming involves a user showcasing talent to a digital audience. It takes place in real time on a smartphone. The live stream has indeed become a powerful tool for communication, socializing, and fun interaction, chatting, showcasing the talent and earning money. Live streaming is the future of entertainment in India.

Whether it is an ordinary person, a public figure, or a brand, live streaming allows for the opportunity to show followers exactly what is happening in real time. Since there is no “re-do” or “edit” option, live streaming provides a closer, more authentic look into a given account.

Live streaming is a very new and developing industry in India, which is also giving birth and opportunities to other auxiliary industries like agencies/scouts. Because live steaming industry needs talent on their platform, these agencies/scouts provide the supply of that. Hence the industry is not only opening avenues of earning money for its users, broadcasters, and talented people but also for other industries.

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