#MeToo: Sexual abuse survivor abused, shamed by Kashmir Women’s Collective

Srinagar: Kashmir Women’s Collective (KWC) – who claim to be “representatives” of women – brazenly shamed a sexually abused survivor who has come forward and narrated her story to The Kashmir Press.

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Defaming The Kashmir Press for giving platform to the #MeToo victims, the KWC went to the extent of terming the sexually abused survivors, undergoing mental trauma, as a “plant” since she has spoken and provided evidence to The Press.

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The KWC made every effort to malign the sexually abused victim complaining as to why she did not share screen shots and evidence with them.

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The netizens raised serious questions at KWC, asking them they did not have the sole right to tell the stories of #MeToo victims.

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Read the posts of KWC defaming the victim of sexual abuse and The Kashmir Press.

Note: The Kashmir Press vehemently opposes sexual harassment of all forms and in all spaces. We express full support to #MeToo movement and those who have come forward with their stories and encourage people to share their stories of sexual harassment. 

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