A single screen shot belies claims of KWC, its members that they had no idea Nanda was “sexual predator”

Srinagar: Even as ‘Kashmir Women’s Collective’ and its members defended that they had no idea about self-proclaimed youth leader, Owais Nanda, was involved in serious sexual abuse of girls, a single screen shot has nailed their lies.

The Kashmir Press got access to the old screen shot, which had got leaked on the social media earlier, in which Nanda allegedly asks KWC member Subreen Malik for sexual favours.

Malik, however, strongly rebukes Nanda and blocks him as is apparent in the picture.

Interestingly, the KWC and its member Malik liked the posts of Nanda when he supported the group after being posed by critical questions. They did it despite being alerted that he was a “sexual predator”.

After the KWC and its members including Subreen came under fire for doing so, they strongly defended their act, claiming they had no screen shots to prove Nanda was sexually harassing girls.

Here are the KWC and its members defending their act:


Not only the KWC, even the known women “leader”, who day in and out supports the #MToo campaign came out to support Nanda instead of sexually harassed women.



We are thankful to the women for their support to #MeToo movement run by The Kashmir Press.

Note: The Kashmir Press vehemently opposes sexual harassment of woman all forms and in all spaces. We express full support to #Metoo movement and those who have come forward with their stories and encourage people to share their stories of sexual harassment. 






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