#Me Too Campaign: A self proclaimed “youth leader,” Owais Nanda sets benchmark in sexually harassing girls

Srinagar: After the Kashmir Press started #MeToo campaign giving platform to the girls subjected to sexual harassment and abuse, more girls have approached with their stories.

Here we reproduce the trail of messages sent by Owais Nanda to a girl wherein he blackmails her. He coerces the girl for sexual favors in lieu of doing “some work”.











Shockingly, the known women “leaders”, who day in and out are supporting the #MToo campaign have come in support of Nanda- the pervert.


We are thankful to the women for their support to #MeToo movement run by The Kashmir Press.

Note: The Kashmir Press vehemently opposes sexual harassment of all forms and in all spaces. We express full support to #Metoo movement and those who have come forward with their stories and encourage people to share their stories of sexual harassment. 


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